Friday, December 9, 2011

Making Her Own Mark

Chasing Dreams
by: Fresh Nick

By chasing her dreams,she found her heart.
One lost soul who didn't know where to start.
She'd been with every man that had been around.
From the ones that were obsessive, to the ones that would kick her to the ground.
Still,she looked for the ones that would hold her fate.
The guy that would take her out on a date.
Just because he was interested.
The one who would stay up late.
Not just because of all the time he had invested.
So, instead she focused on her passion.
She loved art and was obsessed with the latest fashion.
She went to school and opened her own line.
She let the world see her artistic side shine.
She was self made and that's the way it would stay.
She didn't need a man's bullshit anyway.
So for now baby, just do you.
After all you've proven to us that you can make your own dreams come true.
And someday really soon.
A real man will walk into your life who would be true to you.
But for now, make your name known in this life.
And never let a man be the reason you have to sacrifice.

     Beautiful, isn't it? This was made by Fresh Nick of the Love Poem App in my phone. I take no credit. I only wanted to share this on my blog 'cause with this poem, he just literally told my life story. Well, the first half, but the next half is what I want to do in the future. Its one of my many dreams. And reading this makes me realize that I can do anything. Chasing my dreams will not be easy, but it'll be well worth the effort!!!

     Thank you for reading guys! And I hope this poem inspired you as much as did to me.
     Until next time!

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Wishlist! Part 2!

MOTHER OF GOD!!! you guys were not contented with what i posted here last time, and now you're demanding for more! Wasn't the previous one enough? You were saying you cant choose from what i posted the other time. I didn't want to post too many 'cause I dont want you guys too think I'm asking too much. But okay, there's nothing I can do if you really want to give me gifts. HAHAHA :D

Wait. Yung mga tanong ng tanong dyan, mamaya hindi naman pala magreregalo! Nag-effort pa ako. Upakan ko kaya kayo?!! :|

Anyway, here are a few more...

okay, so these are hair clips. They're really cute aren't they? I bet you want one of these for your own. Well, these cost for only,- if you can zoom in and see, Php60.00 each. Available at Landmark Trinoma.
If you know my personality, you know for sure these cute little clips will be a big hit for me!!!


... is this makeup brushes travel pouch. As you can see, they come with those mini makeup brushes, but actually i'm all for the pouch only, I fell in love with the color. hahaha, Kinda makes me remember Lambo from Reborn! This cost about Php150-200, Im not sure. Available at any SM Department stores.

And then,
... there's this pink watch. I already have watches but I dont know, I'm kinda wanting more. And of course, it's pink! Mind you, I only like the classic type of watch, not digital. Because with classical watch, I can budget/calculate my time easily. Wouldn't you agree?

Then, if you really dont want to break a sweat in choosing gifts, here's an easy choice:

Assorted nail polishes from Bobbie. They cost Php35.00 each at....ANYWHERE! Department stores, Watson's , Isetann and even in some 7/11's. Any color's fine with me, as long as its Bobbie. The Striper Nail polishes from Sassy would be really nice too. 

On my previous posts, there were a couple of them about ONIGIRI or Japanese rice balls. As you know I am crazy about them! They're super cute , especially the animated versions, and really fun to make. So I was thinking of getting Onigiri-designed ANYTHING or "what-nots". Example, onigiri-designed earrings, notepad, stationary, key-chains... anything, anything at all. :)

You know what, I really would appreciate any gift as long as its PINK and functional or wearable. It's better if wearable 'cause I'll make you happy by wearing it three times a week. hahaha :D

And dont worry guys, I gift back.

So happy choosing! (>.<)

Friday, November 25, 2011

My Wishlist!

Since my birthday is almost here, I am now posting a a wishlist so you guys know what to buy for me on  my birthday! HAHAHAHA!! ang kapal noh?!! Well, this is a request from some friends of mine naman kasi daw nahihirapan sila pumili on what to buy. So some of them suggested I make a wishlist on my blog so they can refer from it.

There will be specifics here but I'll still let you have the chance to think instead of just picking something out of from any of the list.

Okay, lets start.

First, a makeup train case:
Hahaha, dont worry, this one's already been claimed by my mom. Next,
As you guys know, I'm currently crazy about nail arts so, anything nail art, kahit mga chuva ek-ek or accesssories will do. I can take care of the rest.

Then, there is this novel i've been dying to read again. I've read it before, but it is the only novel that made me cry buckets of tears so I want to have for myself since I just borrowed it before. I think this is worth Php299.00. Perfect for my bhe-bhes. HAHAHAHA!!!

Hmm., what else? Ah!
I have a huge thing for anime, especially these ones:
  • Detective Conan
  • Kaichou wa Maid-sama
  • Skip Beat!
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn
  • Fairy Tail
  • Howl's Moving Castle (movie)
  • Gakuen Alice
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Kimi ni Todoke

Well, that's all, i guess. Wouldn't be too hard for you guys. Yung mga make-up naman ako na bibili eh. It's my gift for myself.
So, if ever you have anything else in mind to give me, just go ahead. But remember, no stuff toys please. hahaha. I think I'm already too old for those. You know.....????? :)

Alryt, that's it! Happy shopping! HAHAHA :>

Saturday, November 12, 2011


November 11, 2011 is a pretty special day for everybody. I'm sure everybody had their own celebrations, whether its with family, friends, officemates and lovers.

As for me, I spent it with my friends pigging-out at one of the nearest restaurants in our university, which is Mang Inasal. Mang Inasal is famous for their delicious grilled chicken and unlimited rice meals, it means, you can buy a meal and have as many rice as you can. Earlier that day, they were having a promo that when you are a group of 11 people, every meal will be worth only Php11.00  (about $0.27 or $0.30). Haha, that's a great deal if you ask me. The hard thing is to find eleven people to go and avail their promo.

Well, by the time we went there it was around 8:30 in the evening so most of our other friends have already gone home coz most of them have morning to afternoon classes. So we were planning to just drag a few more strangers who are willing so we could complete our number. We were six so we only needed five more people. But, unfortunately, no such luck for us 'cause it was Friday night and everybody has gone somewhere else to spend their evening.

So, the six of us went there and as usual it was jam-packed, we were lucky there was a recently vacated table when we came in. And because the place was full, we waited a a long to time for our orders to be served. Before and after pictures are down below.

Janine (R) and her lil sis Alena (L)

My best girl Ida! <3

Nicole, she was strangely quiet throughtout the evening, but I guess it was bcoz of our nonstop teasing. hahaha LOL

Lindsay, as always, goofing around. hahaha XD

This is 20 minutes after we ordered. Look at our faces! HAHAHA

30 minutes. Alright, that's it, we were so hungry we decided to eat each other. lol

Right after the above picture was taken, our food was finally served.

See, after our stomachs were finally filled, we were all smiles! :D

"Say, who downed four cups of rice! She doesn't get fat no matter how many she eats. Curse you, 'Say! jk.

Ida, gesturing "Down" to the food! hahaha!

Most of us only manged to eat two cups of rice except for our winning contender Lindsay with Nicole coming to a close second with 3 and a half cups. Hahaha!

It was a fun night all in all. I hope we get to spend time like this more often with a few more friends.

And oh! I almost forgot, 11.11.11 is exactly one month until my birthday! Time flies fast! I cant believe I'll be nineteen in  a month! Soooooo, you guys knows what this means! Gifts!!! hahaha!! Soon, I'll be creating a post about  my wishlist  so you better check it out and start saving money! hahahaha!!

Ja, matta ne! (^_^)/"

Tusok-tusok with my Best Girl!

The date was November 10, Friday, 4:00 in the afternoon. It was a fine day, really. Second day of classes and there's no professors around. So my best girl and I went to settle a few things (subject requirements). The day couldn't have been more perfect, I mean, the sun was up but it wasn't so hot that you'd sweat like a pig, my make-up was perfect ( I was wearing the one I call "Crowned Princess"), my hair didn't tangle despite the humidity and best of all, I'm spending the afternoon with my best friend!  :)

So, we went by this "tusok-tusok", a street vendor selling finger foods like kwek-kwek/tokneneng, hotdog, fishball, chiken balls etc. Anyway, its a classic Filipino snack. Here are some pictures.
First round: kwek-kwek with sweet and spicy sauce and vinegar.

Manong Tindero, I tell you, he's not so good in math when computing our  total bill. :)

Second Round: assortment of the rest from the menu.

Well, it was really yummy. And its from a trusted store beside Snax. And to down it all, we bought fruitshakes from another vendor across the street.
Mine was melon flavored and Ida's was peach.
After that, I ditched class and went home because I know for sure I'd be wasting my time waiting for a professor that wouldn't come. Hey, time is precious!
And Ida went back to school coz she has class.

There you have it! A perfect afternoon spent with my best girl! :>

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lesson Learned

I just had this debate with my friend about "Harry Potter promotes satanic witchcraft". Naturally, Im in the Con. I was so angry at everything she's saying. We insulted each other, . . . okay, I insulted her,( I'm a bitch,what can I say?) But hey, it was a very intelligent debate, the insults were subtle. Anyway, we were arguing and strongly justifying our points.And then suddenly, I felt a tugging in my heart. Its like a little voice in the back my head is saying: "Stop.This is not worth sacrificing your friendship!". I felt tired afterwards, the debate made me so tired that I had to eat a second dinner! :p

So , I apologized to her. And she did the same. :) I was so relieved coz I thought that really was the end of our friendship. I mean, we're not that close but still, it hurts to lose a friend no matter how deep or not your relationship with each other is. And I realized, I acted like a big hypocrite! Of all people's traits,the one thing I hate the most is hypocrisy. All the more, to think that one of the things Harry Potter wants to teach its readers is friendship!I felt like I betrayed Harry! ( TT_TT )

So, I am going to share this Harry Potter quote to you guys and let this experience be a lesson to us all.
 "It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to our friends." 
~Albus Dumbledore
in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Play with your food!!! :)

It's almost the end of our sembreak. In a couple of days, we're going back to school so apparently its gonna be hectic again. :( Just the thought of it makes me want to bury my head in my pillow and never emerge.
Well, in the meantime, we're spending the rest of our vacay by making cute food for dinner!!! Yay! It's so FUN! And what we made is : TADAH!

Onigiri! (or Omusubi)

hahaha! XD well, as you can see we made quiet a LOT!!! lol We also had miso soup along with that. :)
Its so fun to do and its a great activity for family bonding! And! its really easy to make!
Basically, all you need is sticky rice, nori seaweed, and any filling you want. Here, we used sweetened stir-fry pork and tuna mayonnaise. You can search for tutorials and recipes on how its made on youtube or you can just google it! :)
I guarantee, you and your family are going to have a blast making this, coz we sure did!! haha :>
So thank you again for visiting my blog and have fun playing with your food! Bye! (-^.^-)/"'

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Know The Bitch That Runs This Blog!!!

Alryt, its one in the morning and my friends' bullying to make a blog of my own finally got to me. Meaning they won in persuading me. I already posted a previous post coz i was trying out how this site works since this is my very first. Well, if u checked it out, the post is a poem I made from a request made by my dear friend "Garfield". (-^.^-) I know that its a 'lil sad, no, im sorry, it IS sad, but poems comes from the deepest contents of our hearts.(Say what??! hahaha ) And it is certain that I'll be posting the rest of the poems I have made in the past (dating back to my pubescent years) which would mostly be about love,dreams and friendships but mostly about love:) So be sure to checkout my blog when I post them.

Here, I am named "TheBanshee". Well, banshees, in Irish mythology,are fairy-like creatures who wails/weeps to forewarn a member of ancient Irish families about the time of their deaths. technically they are messengers of death. They are usually in the form of young women with long hair and long, flowing dresses. well they are generally considered dark creatures but I find them really fascinating. In my mind they are beautiful young women, loyal to the families they serve and shed tears of crystals when they weep. And "spookybanshee" has been a code name I used since my early high school days and now I am using it for my blog. This also explains why my blog is titled "Broken Words of Unspoken Screams". I think I got this from a poem or a story I made about a banshee.

Anyway,this post is about knowing me so here goes.
hmm.. wait ,where do I start? Okay.

Well,for starters I am the kind of person who  loves her family above all else ,treasures her friends, has a sharp tongue, very direct, straight-forward and a little hurtfully honest when voicing opinions about others. In spite of this though, I am a very friendly person who smiles to strangers and readily talks to people I barely know. Most of my friends describe me as ,they say and I qoute: "someone with oozing self-esteem" LOL XD .Well, they got that right.:) They also say I have a strong demeanor which sometimes is the reason why people think Im a bit boyish.Which I think is pretty unfair considering my strong on-going love affair with makeups. (yes, I am CRAZY about makeups!!!) hmm,,what else? Well I am a very cheerful person,sometimes too cheerful for my own good, and has a very positive attitude.

One of my ideals in life is "Live in the moment". Savor every minute of it and never worry about tomorrow. There is also this quote from Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone that I love (btw, Im a die-hard HP fan!! LOL) : 
"What will come,will come.And you just have to face it when it did." ~Rubeus Hagrid
 . . . and I say,face it like a warrior!!! HAHAHA :)

And Oh!! I am super crazy about Anime and Manga!!! I mean,I would not be who I am without it! :p I also love mostly everything Japanese. I find their culture fascinating,their food, language, festivals and traditions, music, etc.
Besides my love for reading and writing literary stuff, i can also sketch thoughIthink taht talent of mine is slowly fading because of lack of practice. Dang! I am getting rusty.

So, I think that would be all for now. Oh! before i forget,i mentioned i love makeups right? well, i would like to include links to those makeup artists i am subscribed in youtube coz i think they are really amazing and i just like to share it with you guys coz they're a big help to me.they're really really awesome!! Maybe some of you already know them but for those who dont, here's the link:

Well,  that's it!
Ta Ta For Now! (-^_^-)/"'


~an original work of the blogger~

It was so long ago,
Since I genuinely smiled.
Now every time I do,
They are nothing but lies.

Once full of joy and laughter,
Hope, Love; innocent and guileless,
'Til my world changed forever
Turned ever so cold and senseless.

The ground was knocked out from under me,
But no one was around to break my fall.
No matter how loud my voice can be,
No wind can carry my desperate call.

I am hopelessly left to be
Miserable, lost and empty.
Forever trapped in the past
Those memories sure to last.

Hiding in blithe and merriment,
So no one can see my torment.
'Cause nobody can understand,
The agony that I withstand.

Others may say I am vain,
But that is to hide my pain.
Pain that never stops hurting,
Heart that is full of longing.

My eyes shrouded with anguish,
That never sheds a single tear.
How will I ever vanquish,
This unending torture of fear?

Broken fragments of heart and mind,
Completely drenched with throe
Makes it difficult to find,
A way to escape this woe.

A heart that lost all faith,
Suffering never to abate.
My one and only goal,
Is to revive my shattered soul.

I am words of unspoken screams,
My peace never to be redeemed.
Already drowned in desolation,
How can I find my salvation?