Friday, December 2, 2011

My Wishlist! Part 2!

MOTHER OF GOD!!! you guys were not contented with what i posted here last time, and now you're demanding for more! Wasn't the previous one enough? You were saying you cant choose from what i posted the other time. I didn't want to post too many 'cause I dont want you guys too think I'm asking too much. But okay, there's nothing I can do if you really want to give me gifts. HAHAHA :D

Wait. Yung mga tanong ng tanong dyan, mamaya hindi naman pala magreregalo! Nag-effort pa ako. Upakan ko kaya kayo?!! :|

Anyway, here are a few more...

okay, so these are hair clips. They're really cute aren't they? I bet you want one of these for your own. Well, these cost for only,- if you can zoom in and see, Php60.00 each. Available at Landmark Trinoma.
If you know my personality, you know for sure these cute little clips will be a big hit for me!!!


... is this makeup brushes travel pouch. As you can see, they come with those mini makeup brushes, but actually i'm all for the pouch only, I fell in love with the color. hahaha, Kinda makes me remember Lambo from Reborn! This cost about Php150-200, Im not sure. Available at any SM Department stores.

And then,
... there's this pink watch. I already have watches but I dont know, I'm kinda wanting more. And of course, it's pink! Mind you, I only like the classic type of watch, not digital. Because with classical watch, I can budget/calculate my time easily. Wouldn't you agree?

Then, if you really dont want to break a sweat in choosing gifts, here's an easy choice:

Assorted nail polishes from Bobbie. They cost Php35.00 each at....ANYWHERE! Department stores, Watson's , Isetann and even in some 7/11's. Any color's fine with me, as long as its Bobbie. The Striper Nail polishes from Sassy would be really nice too. 

On my previous posts, there were a couple of them about ONIGIRI or Japanese rice balls. As you know I am crazy about them! They're super cute , especially the animated versions, and really fun to make. So I was thinking of getting Onigiri-designed ANYTHING or "what-nots". Example, onigiri-designed earrings, notepad, stationary, key-chains... anything, anything at all. :)

You know what, I really would appreciate any gift as long as its PINK and functional or wearable. It's better if wearable 'cause I'll make you happy by wearing it three times a week. hahaha :D

And dont worry guys, I gift back.

So happy choosing! (>.<)

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