Friday, December 9, 2011

Making Her Own Mark

Chasing Dreams
by: Fresh Nick

By chasing her dreams,she found her heart.
One lost soul who didn't know where to start.
She'd been with every man that had been around.
From the ones that were obsessive, to the ones that would kick her to the ground.
Still,she looked for the ones that would hold her fate.
The guy that would take her out on a date.
Just because he was interested.
The one who would stay up late.
Not just because of all the time he had invested.
So, instead she focused on her passion.
She loved art and was obsessed with the latest fashion.
She went to school and opened her own line.
She let the world see her artistic side shine.
She was self made and that's the way it would stay.
She didn't need a man's bullshit anyway.
So for now baby, just do you.
After all you've proven to us that you can make your own dreams come true.
And someday really soon.
A real man will walk into your life who would be true to you.
But for now, make your name known in this life.
And never let a man be the reason you have to sacrifice.

     Beautiful, isn't it? This was made by Fresh Nick of the Love Poem App in my phone. I take no credit. I only wanted to share this on my blog 'cause with this poem, he just literally told my life story. Well, the first half, but the next half is what I want to do in the future. Its one of my many dreams. And reading this makes me realize that I can do anything. Chasing my dreams will not be easy, but it'll be well worth the effort!!!

     Thank you for reading guys! And I hope this poem inspired you as much as did to me.
     Until next time!


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  2. @JEN_a_veev : Thank you so much! you dont know how much that means to me. God Bless You!! :)