Friday, December 9, 2011

Making Her Own Mark

Chasing Dreams
by: Fresh Nick

By chasing her dreams,she found her heart.
One lost soul who didn't know where to start.
She'd been with every man that had been around.
From the ones that were obsessive, to the ones that would kick her to the ground.
Still,she looked for the ones that would hold her fate.
The guy that would take her out on a date.
Just because he was interested.
The one who would stay up late.
Not just because of all the time he had invested.
So, instead she focused on her passion.
She loved art and was obsessed with the latest fashion.
She went to school and opened her own line.
She let the world see her artistic side shine.
She was self made and that's the way it would stay.
She didn't need a man's bullshit anyway.
So for now baby, just do you.
After all you've proven to us that you can make your own dreams come true.
And someday really soon.
A real man will walk into your life who would be true to you.
But for now, make your name known in this life.
And never let a man be the reason you have to sacrifice.

     Beautiful, isn't it? This was made by Fresh Nick of the Love Poem App in my phone. I take no credit. I only wanted to share this on my blog 'cause with this poem, he just literally told my life story. Well, the first half, but the next half is what I want to do in the future. Its one of my many dreams. And reading this makes me realize that I can do anything. Chasing my dreams will not be easy, but it'll be well worth the effort!!!

     Thank you for reading guys! And I hope this poem inspired you as much as did to me.
     Until next time!

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Wishlist! Part 2!

MOTHER OF GOD!!! you guys were not contented with what i posted here last time, and now you're demanding for more! Wasn't the previous one enough? You were saying you cant choose from what i posted the other time. I didn't want to post too many 'cause I dont want you guys too think I'm asking too much. But okay, there's nothing I can do if you really want to give me gifts. HAHAHA :D

Wait. Yung mga tanong ng tanong dyan, mamaya hindi naman pala magreregalo! Nag-effort pa ako. Upakan ko kaya kayo?!! :|

Anyway, here are a few more...

okay, so these are hair clips. They're really cute aren't they? I bet you want one of these for your own. Well, these cost for only,- if you can zoom in and see, Php60.00 each. Available at Landmark Trinoma.
If you know my personality, you know for sure these cute little clips will be a big hit for me!!!


... is this makeup brushes travel pouch. As you can see, they come with those mini makeup brushes, but actually i'm all for the pouch only, I fell in love with the color. hahaha, Kinda makes me remember Lambo from Reborn! This cost about Php150-200, Im not sure. Available at any SM Department stores.

And then,
... there's this pink watch. I already have watches but I dont know, I'm kinda wanting more. And of course, it's pink! Mind you, I only like the classic type of watch, not digital. Because with classical watch, I can budget/calculate my time easily. Wouldn't you agree?

Then, if you really dont want to break a sweat in choosing gifts, here's an easy choice:

Assorted nail polishes from Bobbie. They cost Php35.00 each at....ANYWHERE! Department stores, Watson's , Isetann and even in some 7/11's. Any color's fine with me, as long as its Bobbie. The Striper Nail polishes from Sassy would be really nice too. 

On my previous posts, there were a couple of them about ONIGIRI or Japanese rice balls. As you know I am crazy about them! They're super cute , especially the animated versions, and really fun to make. So I was thinking of getting Onigiri-designed ANYTHING or "what-nots". Example, onigiri-designed earrings, notepad, stationary, key-chains... anything, anything at all. :)

You know what, I really would appreciate any gift as long as its PINK and functional or wearable. It's better if wearable 'cause I'll make you happy by wearing it three times a week. hahaha :D

And dont worry guys, I gift back.

So happy choosing! (>.<)