Sunday, July 8, 2012

Finally! My Mini DVD Player, courtesy of Ate Yannah

Ever since we bought a flat screen Smart TV, the old one got transferred to me and my sister Loury's room, I've been pestering my oldest sis, Ate Yannah to buy me a dvd player so I can watch anime and all my other favorite tv series until 2am! Hahaha, no, I mean... I can watch anime and my favorite tv series more comfortably. :) hmm... that's better.

Wednesday morning , I woke up with a really nice surprise! There it was, in a Super8 shopping bag, my new  Mini DVD Player! Just like what I told her I wanted. I didn't want the normal sized player, cause I wanted to save space and besides, this is cheaper.

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Look, its really cheap right? Less than $30.
I really appreciate this coz I know she's saving up a lot coz she's getting married next year. I know you might think this is not much of an expense, but she could do to save all the money she can.

Below are the contents of the box.

The best thing I love about this thing is it comes with a karaoke! hahaha! I know its not smart because it disturbs the neighbors, but I'll use it very occasionally ,I swear! Besides, I dont have a mic.

The remote.

Here is how it looks like. Its about nine by six inches, if I'm not mistaken.

The front.It has a USB port too. How convenient is that?!

Well, that's it sweetums!
Remember to always be thankful to those people who give you stuff. Especially when they do it out of love. Never ever forget it!

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Smile and be kind to everyone! :)