Saturday, November 12, 2011


November 11, 2011 is a pretty special day for everybody. I'm sure everybody had their own celebrations, whether its with family, friends, officemates and lovers.

As for me, I spent it with my friends pigging-out at one of the nearest restaurants in our university, which is Mang Inasal. Mang Inasal is famous for their delicious grilled chicken and unlimited rice meals, it means, you can buy a meal and have as many rice as you can. Earlier that day, they were having a promo that when you are a group of 11 people, every meal will be worth only Php11.00  (about $0.27 or $0.30). Haha, that's a great deal if you ask me. The hard thing is to find eleven people to go and avail their promo.

Well, by the time we went there it was around 8:30 in the evening so most of our other friends have already gone home coz most of them have morning to afternoon classes. So we were planning to just drag a few more strangers who are willing so we could complete our number. We were six so we only needed five more people. But, unfortunately, no such luck for us 'cause it was Friday night and everybody has gone somewhere else to spend their evening.

So, the six of us went there and as usual it was jam-packed, we were lucky there was a recently vacated table when we came in. And because the place was full, we waited a a long to time for our orders to be served. Before and after pictures are down below.

Janine (R) and her lil sis Alena (L)

My best girl Ida! <3

Nicole, she was strangely quiet throughtout the evening, but I guess it was bcoz of our nonstop teasing. hahaha LOL

Lindsay, as always, goofing around. hahaha XD

This is 20 minutes after we ordered. Look at our faces! HAHAHA

30 minutes. Alright, that's it, we were so hungry we decided to eat each other. lol

Right after the above picture was taken, our food was finally served.

See, after our stomachs were finally filled, we were all smiles! :D

"Say, who downed four cups of rice! She doesn't get fat no matter how many she eats. Curse you, 'Say! jk.

Ida, gesturing "Down" to the food! hahaha!

Most of us only manged to eat two cups of rice except for our winning contender Lindsay with Nicole coming to a close second with 3 and a half cups. Hahaha!

It was a fun night all in all. I hope we get to spend time like this more often with a few more friends.

And oh! I almost forgot, 11.11.11 is exactly one month until my birthday! Time flies fast! I cant believe I'll be nineteen in  a month! Soooooo, you guys knows what this means! Gifts!!! hahaha!! Soon, I'll be creating a post about  my wishlist  so you better check it out and start saving money! hahahaha!!

Ja, matta ne! (^_^)/"

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