Thursday, November 3, 2011


~an original work of the blogger~

It was so long ago,
Since I genuinely smiled.
Now every time I do,
They are nothing but lies.

Once full of joy and laughter,
Hope, Love; innocent and guileless,
'Til my world changed forever
Turned ever so cold and senseless.

The ground was knocked out from under me,
But no one was around to break my fall.
No matter how loud my voice can be,
No wind can carry my desperate call.

I am hopelessly left to be
Miserable, lost and empty.
Forever trapped in the past
Those memories sure to last.

Hiding in blithe and merriment,
So no one can see my torment.
'Cause nobody can understand,
The agony that I withstand.

Others may say I am vain,
But that is to hide my pain.
Pain that never stops hurting,
Heart that is full of longing.

My eyes shrouded with anguish,
That never sheds a single tear.
How will I ever vanquish,
This unending torture of fear?

Broken fragments of heart and mind,
Completely drenched with throe
Makes it difficult to find,
A way to escape this woe.

A heart that lost all faith,
Suffering never to abate.
My one and only goal,
Is to revive my shattered soul.

I am words of unspoken screams,
My peace never to be redeemed.
Already drowned in desolation,
How can I find my salvation?

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