Thursday, November 3, 2011

Know The Bitch That Runs This Blog!!!

Alryt, its one in the morning and my friends' bullying to make a blog of my own finally got to me. Meaning they won in persuading me. I already posted a previous post coz i was trying out how this site works since this is my very first. Well, if u checked it out, the post is a poem I made from a request made by my dear friend "Garfield". (-^.^-) I know that its a 'lil sad, no, im sorry, it IS sad, but poems comes from the deepest contents of our hearts.(Say what??! hahaha ) And it is certain that I'll be posting the rest of the poems I have made in the past (dating back to my pubescent years) which would mostly be about love,dreams and friendships but mostly about love:) So be sure to checkout my blog when I post them.

Here, I am named "TheBanshee". Well, banshees, in Irish mythology,are fairy-like creatures who wails/weeps to forewarn a member of ancient Irish families about the time of their deaths. technically they are messengers of death. They are usually in the form of young women with long hair and long, flowing dresses. well they are generally considered dark creatures but I find them really fascinating. In my mind they are beautiful young women, loyal to the families they serve and shed tears of crystals when they weep. And "spookybanshee" has been a code name I used since my early high school days and now I am using it for my blog. This also explains why my blog is titled "Broken Words of Unspoken Screams". I think I got this from a poem or a story I made about a banshee.

Anyway,this post is about knowing me so here goes.
hmm.. wait ,where do I start? Okay.

Well,for starters I am the kind of person who  loves her family above all else ,treasures her friends, has a sharp tongue, very direct, straight-forward and a little hurtfully honest when voicing opinions about others. In spite of this though, I am a very friendly person who smiles to strangers and readily talks to people I barely know. Most of my friends describe me as ,they say and I qoute: "someone with oozing self-esteem" LOL XD .Well, they got that right.:) They also say I have a strong demeanor which sometimes is the reason why people think Im a bit boyish.Which I think is pretty unfair considering my strong on-going love affair with makeups. (yes, I am CRAZY about makeups!!!) hmm,,what else? Well I am a very cheerful person,sometimes too cheerful for my own good, and has a very positive attitude.

One of my ideals in life is "Live in the moment". Savor every minute of it and never worry about tomorrow. There is also this quote from Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone that I love (btw, Im a die-hard HP fan!! LOL) : 
"What will come,will come.And you just have to face it when it did." ~Rubeus Hagrid
 . . . and I say,face it like a warrior!!! HAHAHA :)

And Oh!! I am super crazy about Anime and Manga!!! I mean,I would not be who I am without it! :p I also love mostly everything Japanese. I find their culture fascinating,their food, language, festivals and traditions, music, etc.
Besides my love for reading and writing literary stuff, i can also sketch thoughIthink taht talent of mine is slowly fading because of lack of practice. Dang! I am getting rusty.

So, I think that would be all for now. Oh! before i forget,i mentioned i love makeups right? well, i would like to include links to those makeup artists i am subscribed in youtube coz i think they are really amazing and i just like to share it with you guys coz they're a big help to me.they're really really awesome!! Maybe some of you already know them but for those who dont, here's the link:

Well,  that's it!
Ta Ta For Now! (-^_^-)/"'

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