Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tusok-tusok with my Best Girl!

The date was November 10, Friday, 4:00 in the afternoon. It was a fine day, really. Second day of classes and there's no professors around. So my best girl and I went to settle a few things (subject requirements). The day couldn't have been more perfect, I mean, the sun was up but it wasn't so hot that you'd sweat like a pig, my make-up was perfect ( I was wearing the one I call "Crowned Princess"), my hair didn't tangle despite the humidity and best of all, I'm spending the afternoon with my best friend!  :)

So, we went by this "tusok-tusok", a street vendor selling finger foods like kwek-kwek/tokneneng, hotdog, fishball, chiken balls etc. Anyway, its a classic Filipino snack. Here are some pictures.
First round: kwek-kwek with sweet and spicy sauce and vinegar.

Manong Tindero, I tell you, he's not so good in math when computing our  total bill. :)

Second Round: assortment of the rest from the menu.

Well, it was really yummy. And its from a trusted store beside Snax. And to down it all, we bought fruitshakes from another vendor across the street.
Mine was melon flavored and Ida's was peach.
After that, I ditched class and went home because I know for sure I'd be wasting my time waiting for a professor that wouldn't come. Hey, time is precious!
And Ida went back to school coz she has class.

There you have it! A perfect afternoon spent with my best girl! :>

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