Monday, November 7, 2011

Play with your food!!! :)

It's almost the end of our sembreak. In a couple of days, we're going back to school so apparently its gonna be hectic again. :( Just the thought of it makes me want to bury my head in my pillow and never emerge.
Well, in the meantime, we're spending the rest of our vacay by making cute food for dinner!!! Yay! It's so FUN! And what we made is : TADAH!

Onigiri! (or Omusubi)

hahaha! XD well, as you can see we made quiet a LOT!!! lol We also had miso soup along with that. :)
Its so fun to do and its a great activity for family bonding! And! its really easy to make!
Basically, all you need is sticky rice, nori seaweed, and any filling you want. Here, we used sweetened stir-fry pork and tuna mayonnaise. You can search for tutorials and recipes on how its made on youtube or you can just google it! :)
I guarantee, you and your family are going to have a blast making this, coz we sure did!! haha :>
So thank you again for visiting my blog and have fun playing with your food! Bye! (-^.^-)/"'

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