Friday, April 12, 2013

Day at the mall with my Super friends!

Its summer vacation again. No more sleepless nights, pressure of meeting deadlines, and no more exams. We're even past the painful anticipation for the grades. But no, summer vacation has its own downsides.
  • Unable to spend time with beloved friends like you used to everyday at school.
  • The freakinly hot weather. At least at school the classrooms are airconed. Not unless your house is too, then you're lucky.
So adding up the listed items above, my Super Friends made this plan to go to the mall and have what they called "Matipid na Gala sa Mall". Why was it called thus? Because we watched a 25php movie at SM Manila. It was the movie "Dont Be Afraid of the Dark" starring Katie Holmes. Ive already seen the movie a month ago on Star Movies but oh well, there's not much choice for a cheap movie.

Then after that,I bought a couple of things. One of them is this Lorys Hair Cream in fruit cocktail. Ive been hearing wonderful reviews about this product and I wanted to try it out for myself. It was not available in SM San Lazaro when I went there, so thankfully it was there at SM Manila's Watsons. I woud have preferred the Lorys Hair Cream in Chocolate but it was out of stock, so no-luck for me. >.<

This is how it looks like, the consistency is very much like your common hair creams. Its a little thicker than conditioner. And this one smells oh-so-nice.

I can't wait to try this product. I'm hoping I can find time to make a review.

So for dinner we went to Bon Chon and ordered the Graduation package for 815php. It was good for six and we were six. Oh, and this lovely dinner was courtesy of our good friend Johnmark Fabronero!
Pictures of our happy time below:

Cza and Sarah

JM and Annie

Janz and Cza

That's all! Thanks for visiting my blog! See you next time! :)

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