Friday, November 9, 2012

Laguna Getaway!

Last semester ended on the second week of October and since there were three birthday celebrations among my group of friends, we decided to take a weekend getaway as a single birthday celebration for my three friends. Choosing the resort to go to was a bit hard , and since I was the one appointed to find a suitable resort, or rather the one everybody assumed to find a resort, -- not that I'm complaining, being a bit of a control freak myself--  I managed to find a place that everyone agreed to and loved. That is after so many sleepless nights of scouring the internet for resort that is out of town and affordable to college students like us. :)

So, the lucky resort goes to Villa Sylvia Resort in Nagcarlan, Laguna. (A mountain resort) I know, I know. You've never heard of the place. I thought so too at first. But the place looked promising and so were the reviews, mind you. And true to its word, the place indeed was beautiful! Although it took us three hours to get there, its so worth it. And their staff is so accommodating and friendly. Most of them are elderly. The  best part about it all is that we're the only ones checked in! Can you believe our luck? :)

So anyway, here are the pictures. I'll also be posting details about the resort after.

The view from our cabin.

our cabin is located at the foot of the chapel.

The rest house with private pool  
The way down to the batis

The batis. Since I woke up early the next day of our trip, I managed to watch the sunrise wash over this place. Alone! It was a magical sight !

Acting like a kid that I really am. :3

Sorry about this picture >.<

Careful, its slippery! >.<

Honey, striking a pose!

Thumbs-up for awesomeness!

The view of the three LARGE pools from the top of the slides. My best girl  right there. :)

This is a very long and steep slide. I didn't dare try it. >.< Looked fun though.

hehe, doing a jump shot at the empty private pool. :p

Interested yet? If you are, just go to their Facebook page and click 'About' to find more details. Everything you need will be there. But don't forget to come back here coz there's more!

We rented the cabin Katrina which is originally for 8 persons. But since its not peak season and we're the only ones at the place, they let our party of 13, yes 13, accommodate the said cabin. We just paid additional  P150 for the extra bed.

The entrance and rent of the cabin are separate, but that's really not a big issue since both the entrance and the room rates are very affordable even for us college students. And contrary to what is written in the FB page, they did not ask us to pay the 30% downpayment for the reservation. We only paid everything at the check out. Also, we checked in late, around 4pm, since we kinda got lost along the way and its totally alright to the management. No corkage fee or any other extra charges. You can either just walk-in for reservations. But of course its better to call them first and ask for availability coz my guess, walk-ins are only applicable during the off-seasons of the resort.

So all in all, we had a great time during our stay. We managed to make some unforgettable memories! And I think, that's the most important thing. Having fun with friends! :)

Tell me what you think on the comments below! I'd love to hear from you! :)

[- More pictures below -]

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My best girl pigging out!

You can barely see our cabin there, below the white chapel, behind all those trees and plants!


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